Each of the 6 episodes contains not only the testimonies of both sides, but these are complemented by engaging comic animations by Czech illustrator Tomáš Motal and animator Veronika Kocourková. At the same time, the series also includes various experiments, which are always carefully prepared by the investigative team. In addition, many of the experiments will be tested by the investigators themselves.


Investigators are trying to find evidence of the existence of supernatural phenomena. Their first clue was bioresonance. This is a controversial alternative medicine method that is currently used by a number of certified physicians. Official science and medicine claim that bioresonance doesn't work because it is based on physical nonsense, but is it really? Investigators are ready to explore and try Bioresonance for themselves.


How does alternative medicine relate to the search for water? Is it possible to use a simple wand or a virgule to find underground water and even determine how deep the water is? Do dowsers have supernatural abilities? The second clue in the Investigators' research is dowsing.


I'm sure many have had situations like that happen to them where they were thinking about someone and that person just called, for example. Or others that they had some good/bad feeling that was eventually confirmed by an event. Can these phenomena have a logical explanation? And what is clairvoyance? Is it really possible to find people or objects due to supernatural abilities? In the third volume, the investigators delve into the mysterious topic of clairvoyance and telepathy.


Can the stars really tell us our destiny? Or at least show us how to make decisions in difficult situations? And can the stars influence not only people's lives, but also, for example, plants? In the fourth volume, the investigators are ready to explore, once again and first-hand, the very popular phenomenon of astrology.


This part will be a little different than Investigators viewers already expect. In fact, the Investigators team decided to investigate a topic that turned out to be much more complex than it might seem. The topic of Bretharianism has many pitfalls that the Investigators want to draw the audience's attention to. Including various experiments that the investigative team, as well as the viewers, would do well to avoid.


The Investigators are heading into the finale with the sixth episode. Under the mysterious title of Astral lie themes at the intersection of life and death, including near-death experiences, or so-called out-of-body experiences. At the same time, viewers will learn what has been hiding in the mysterious Office 444. But will the final installment bring a clue to the question that has plagued the series' creators since the very beginning - "Is there life after death?"