Investigators want to focus their attention on controversial esoteric phenomena that contemporary science cannot or is not interested in explaining, such as astrology, dowsing or clairvoyance. The three main protagonists - skeptical religionist Lukáš Jánoš, hypnotist and mentalist Jakub Kroulík and the president of the European Council of Skeptical Organisations Claire Teresa Kroulik Klingenberg - will not only introduce the audience to these phenomena, but will also try some of them out for themselves.

The Investigators documentary series has been in intensive production since 2013 and has so far resulted in six 52-minute episodes, each dealing with a different topic. All parts are linked by the three main protagonists, whose aim is not to prove or disprove the chosen phenomena (the film is not a scientific study), but to approach them from a rational point of view. Thus, to draw attention to the facts. For all the themes have a common denominator: they are promoted by their proponents as clear, real, existing, when they have not yet been proven from a scientific point of view.

Since the beginning, the creators of the project have been working with experts and scientists whose names resonate with the general public, such as astronomer Jiří Grygar; the chairman of the ethics committee of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic, Jozef Glasa, the president of the Red Cross of the Slovak Republic, Viliam Dobiáš, and probably the most famous Czech pathologist and writer František Koukolík, among many others. At the same time, the authors have also managed to enlist prominent advocates of particular phenomena in the series, thus really trying to strike a balance and provide a balanced space for both sides. The audience will thus see the Czech film and theatre actor, improviser, philosopher Jaroslav Dušek, astrologer Antonín Baudiš and the famous Czech breatharian Petr Tichý. "Thanks to this, we can say that we have managed to penetrate into the depth of the chosen themes and the icing on the cake are the experiments that are part of the whole series", says director Peter Pokorný.